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We help companies save money, improve and excel thanks to a smart use of the latest technologies
We cut business costs and make daily operations more efficient, by creating integrated and state of the art solutions

Dominate the future with the digital transformation!
We strongly believe in the value of the digital transformation, in the evolution process for your business within a digital environment, aiming at a higher responsiveness and competitiveness, so to make a full use of all the advantages that the new technologies provide.
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We provide you with systems to get your scope of operations more effective, as well as with software development, and with marketing and communication activities. All this is carried out with a view to supporting productivity and enhancing customer relationships.
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We offer a set of products that are devised to increase your business opportunities and to make your business performance more fluent. They are ready-to-use, reliable, simple and user-friendly!
Our philosophy
We foster your business with our smart innovation. We choose the best technological systems and we provide you with simple, efficient and reliable solutions, boosting the growth of your business.


Business Management Optimization

We optimize business processes, in order to save money and to work better.
Marketing, Communication and CRM

We enhance your brand, so that you can better interact with customers and prospects.
Usability and Software Implementation

Our software is state of the art, simple and user-friendly.
Server Infrastructure

Our infrastructure is completely virtual, located on Swiss servers: it is solid, reliable and advanced.
Where are my data?
  • in Switzerland
  • in a safe place
  • completely managed and controlled by OWL Solutions
  • entirely on virtual servers




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Co-Founder and AD, SOLEFID SA
OWL Solutions has carried out an assessment of our IT structure submitting us the various...
Co-Founder, PR and Brand Evangelist, Lifestyle Andermatt
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