Fill out the bulletin on your smartphone and the bill is ready!

Fill out the bulletin on your smartphone and the bill is ready!

Digital Bulletins: the bulletin on your smartphone

With this tool you can manage the entire lifecycle of a bulletin for a scheduled or an on call assistance. Each of your collaborators can fill it with a simple smartphone. Digital bulletins won't get wet, won't get lost, and their simple and guided compilation avoids numerous errors caused today by handwritten transcriptions and charges. Data are ready to generate an invoice - without the need for additional transcriptions - and provide a historical archive of your activities. With this information you can have a report for each customer, for type of action, or other index of your choice, so to get aggregate information useful to make decisions for your business.
This software is suitable for those who work in construction companies, gardeners, plumbers, fitters, but also to other professionals (from freelance to any type of on-site assistance) and to anyone who has to report a job, with or without materials.


Digital Bulletins consists of a mobile application and a management system that resides on the proprietary platform.
Every person undertaking the work can make a report in real-time via mobile apps, for himself and for his team, time spent and materials used.
You can supplement any activity with pictures and notes documenting the work execution. Digital Bulletins works both for bulletins generated from a prior estimate, and for on call jobs that provide the creation of a new bulletin directly at the Customer site.
You can also sign bulletins directly on your tablet or smartphone screen and then send via email the report to both end customer, to the company and to other recipients of your concern.
The application can also easily communicate with all accounting platforms designed for integration with third-party software.

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