Vision & Mission

Our Mission
People at the center and the digital world at their service

OWL Solutions wants to help companies grow by improving the quality of people's work. We are aware of how important your employees are, and we want to help you simplify and digitize repetitive and time consuming activities as much as possible, so to concentrate on activities with higher added value. We accomplish this with simple software that can be integrated with other systems used on smartphones or tablets to work fast "on the field", capable of storing data in safety, mainly based on cloud platforms.

A multifunctional team of people able to offer solutions:

  • At the forefront and easy to use, even in mobility
  • Customizable and tailored to your specific needs
  • Easy to integrate with other company systems
OWL Solutions consists of of a team of experienced professionals in Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0 and software usability to create a useful, simple, and enjoyable interaction (UX experience). We are therefore able to provide you with intuitive and effective solutions. You will appreciate how easy it is to introduce them into your business, to enable new ways of working without the need for manuals or difficult training. And with the possibility to access it from any device.

Why choosing OWL Solutions? Because we are:

  • Simple
  • Safe
  • Swiss

We are a slender organization and we make simple but highly functional solutions.
We work respecting the privacy of your data with secure infrastructure and technologies.
We are a Swiss company and we appeal, with Swiss quality, to all small and medium-sized companies.

We are proud of our partnerships and agreements with:

  • Association of Ticino's industries (AITI)
  • Microsoft
  • Horizon 2020 program and Daedalus project

AITI has selected OWL Solutions as technological partner of reference to lead Canton Ticino companies on a growth path thanks to the benefits of Digital Transformation.

The partnership with Microsoft allows us to enrich our offer with solid and up to date data communication and sharing solutions.

Thanks to the Horizon 2020 European Research and Innovation Financing Program, SUPSI - a professional college of Italian Switzerland - chose OWL Solutions to design and build the online shopping software (App Store) of the software libraries generated by the Daedalus project, which defines the standard European communication protocols for the world of industrial automation.

User Experience

We create ad hoc, simple, solid and very flexible software, but we also propose ready-made solutions.

We make tailor-made solutions for every customer. We use Opensource codes as PHP technology because it works on many systems, guarantees fast responses, is safe and allows us to provide you with great technical support. But we also have ready-made solutions that we can customize to your needs.

We design with you the best solution for you

The best way to achieve something that is perfect for you is to know your business reality, understand processes, and the way you and your employees usually work, to figure out when and how a solution can be useful for you throughout the day and in every situation. We can work on your processes but also suggest you how to evolve them, as digital brings new possibilities with it. After that, we make the interfaces with which you can interact in the daily life, then we check them together, to build what remains afterward. We will therefore plan a two-man user experience, but you don't have to be scared about it: it's faster than you expect! And we will help you evaluate its economic, concrete and measurable benefits, even before designing.

OS Neutral

Solutions available anytime, anywhere and from any device because they are suitable for use on Smartphones and Tablets

We have a “mobile first” approach, because we can carry every work tool in mobility and on any device. Whether it's a "responsive" site -that has text and images depending on the size and kind of terminal you are using- or made with a dedicated app, we are able to bring you usability on any device and at any time, even if you are not connected to internet.

Not only software, but also services

We are not just a Software House: we lead you on the Digital Transformation path with full consulting services, such the one we created for Art Directors who want to extend their skills to online communications; we are always available to help you understand the best solutions to meet your digitization needs.

Soluzioni Software

We use a fully virtualized infrastructure located in Switzerland

For any of our activity, we use certified, highly secure and totally virtualized data centers, independent from hardware as well as for networking components. This lets us quickly configure environments to work and test, other than providing custom backup and disaster recovery services.

OWL ready-to-use Solutions