Manage your business in a simple and effective way

Manage your business in a simple and effective way

Fisio: Management system for Physiotherapy

You may be working as a freelance physiotherapist or cooperating with your staff: Fisio enables you to manage the shared calendars of all operators, to follow the treatment plans of every patient, managing their personal data and producing customized reports that can be easily retrieved.

Using Fisio requires no personal IT knowledge, and since the very first time it will be easy to understand and user-friendly.
This important result was achieved thanks to the implementation of this product in close cooperation with the physiotherapists of a rehabilitation center, that means direct users, and thanks to OWL Solutions' skills in the field of usability and interface design.

Fisio has been designed in collaboration with a leading physiotherapy center in Ticino. It is a powerful, yet easy and user-friendly software for the management of your appointments and of the whole set of activities, in every moment and from any device. Thanks to Fisio, by digitizing patient files, personal data and therapy plans, you will have the complete overview of the situation, thus improving efficiency.

Fisio Patients

Fisio Patients

This App manages the patients' personal data. For each patient you can record multiple home addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers. You can perform a quick search by name and surname, gradually reducing the list displayed as you enter the characters. With Fisio Pazienti you can manage other biographical data and add those you consider most useful. Moreover, in addition to seeing each patient's past and future appointments, therapy cycles, and all uploaded files, to complete his medical history framework.

Fisio Calendar

This App enables you to manage appointments. It can display either time details (visualization by day, week, month) or operator details (visualization by either day or timeline) or just the ones you want to select. Every appointment and every cycle (a set of appointments) is freely changeable and it collects detailed information ( date, times, patient, therapist, treatment plan, treatment code, description and doctor's prescription) that you can customize according with the way you work. A deeply appreciated feature lets you quickly insert all the appointments related to a cycle.

Fisio Calendar
Fisio Sheet

Fisio Sheets

This App enables you to manage a treatment plan. A plan is defined by title, entry date, state of the art: it records data such as patient and his insurance details, therapist, doctor, type of treatment, diagnosis and medical history. You can upload files such as medical reports, X-rays, etc. and link them to enrich a therapy plan. You can duplicate a plan (to configure new treatment plans quickly), as well as print data into a PDF file. Similarly to the Patients App, you can search among all identification data regarding plans and patients.


This App allows you to record in the system any important contact for your work: first of all your patients, then also doctors, suppliers, employees, insurances, etc. You can recall your contacts very quickly when you'll set up a single session or a cycle so that they always contain information and connections relevant for you.

Fisio Contacts
Fisio Notes


With this App you can integrate each element with texts and comments as you please (think for example to collect feedback about patient improvement, session after session). Note is your "Post-It" pad inside Fisio!

Print PDF

From every App you can get a set of prints specifically designed by physiotherapists, such as a full-cycle appointment memo, the appointments for every therapist or an overview of the appointments of all therapists.

  • Appointments of patients
  • Daily program per Therapist
  • Full program (displayed by 1 or 10 days)
Fisio PDF
Fisio Statistiche


By bringing all the data and information about your business into a single database, Fisio can become your dashboard to track your business trends with graphs and other representations easy to understand. Fisio offers some standard views, to which we added those most appropriate to appreciate daily your growth!


Why talk about it? Because the Fisio configuration section is especially powerful: it allows you to preserve the pre-existing numbering with which you registered your patients on other systems, to create preset lists of doctors that recommended you, of therapists (your staff), of cycles status and much more.

Fisio Settings

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