CLOUD infrastructure by OWL

Cloud offers, as you may already know, some advantages in general, because it makes "virtual" the relationship between software components and servers that physically host them. By making these two elements independent of each other, they cancel the risks of malfunctioning on the physical servers where each company traditionally holds its core business applications (software for production, management systems, shared folders, etc.).

Here are the advantages of using OWL cloud infrastructure:

Flexibility and scalability

To handle the different peaks of use by those who absorb them (i.e. web applications and services) all virtual resources can be expanded and modified smoothly and without heavy costs, precisely because they are hosted within very large data centers that continuously redistribute resources within them according to their needs.

Reduced purchase/access costs, installation, configuration, upgrade:

A company can access to virtual processing capacity at lower costs than buying or renting entire servers. This means for you a more efficient use of IT resources, upgrade delegated to professionals, lower operating costs (maintenance, upgrading) and flexibility...

Why choose OWL Solutions?

OWL Solutions, to serve its customers and host the platform that enables the running of their applications, uses a Virtual Private Cloud, a separate portion of a much larger infrastructure (Public Cloud), to which only OWL staff can access. In fact, it is a virtual Data Center within a larger Data Center, with which dials through secure network configurations but also from which it protects itself through firewalls (also virtual): OWL solutions operates in a certified, highly technical data center in Zurich.

OWL Solutions Infrastructure is

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