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We are specialized in producing ad hoc software, that our customers already use with satisfaction. But what we achieved is so simple and modular that we can split it into single modules or recombine it into ready-to-use suites! And you can still ask us to personalize it further to be adapted to your business as a tailor-made outfit. Today we can offer you three ready solutions, but others are in the pipeline yet...

Bollettini Digitali
Digital Bulletins: the bulletin on your smartphone

Manage scheduled or on call work more quickly and accurately, compiling them even from a smartphone. You can create an Invoice automatically, sol not to lose valuable information and to have a history of activities on your Customers!

Fisio: management system for Physiotherapy

Manage your practice quickly and with just few clicks, to schedule appointment cycles and patient information, and to monitor daily activities for you and your co-workers.

OWL Drive
OWL Drive: your documents are safe, 100% in Switzerland, with historical backup and unlimited users

Share your files and/or company files with great ease, you decide who can access, you chose backup options. We keep your data in Swiss territory, in a highly secure and multi-certified infrastructure.

VTC - Value Test Case: assess the quality of your test cases

VTC is one of a kind. This product enables you to accurately and precisely assess the quality of your test cases, written in natural language. How much money would you save using better test cases? Thanks to VTC, you now have the opportunity to analyze the quality of your test cases!