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Finally, the expenses refund system you have always desired! ... including kilometers reimbursement calculation!

For whom is it intended?

Expenses refund is intended for companies and professionals who need a detailed - but quick and simple - reporting of work expenses and reimbursement calculations: agents, salesmen, consultants, lawyers, managers.
It is suitable as well for trust offices, willing to offer a quick expenses registration service to their clients, or in need to speed up the process of collecting and maintaining this information (and work more efficiently!)

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  1. Email us at and you will receive in a very short time the URL and credentials to access via Web to the web application (that you need to manage your expenses) and to the mobile app.
  2. download iOS or Android mobile app, to gather and register expenses
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  3. Now you can already get into both Expenses Refund web app + mobile app with your company credentials and begin to register immediately your expenses!

What is OWL Expenses Refund?

OWL Expenses Refund is a simple real-time business system to register and report all work or travel expenses.
Whenever you are out of office for work and you have your lunch in a restaurant or you travel by train, you can get a shot of your receipt with your smartphone, insert some data (e.g. the kind of expense, the amount); then you save your expense and your administrative staff (or your boss, or even your trust company at office) get in real-time all informations necessary to reimburse it. Furthermore, it's easier for your staff to go on with the reimbursement because they already have the photo of your receipt, in order to manage possible issues. And that's all! We wanted just to speed up a procedure that is used to be already simple, so that your co-workers can get the habit to use it every day.

1 - Take a shot of your receipt

Take a shot of your receipt

2 - fulfill with useful information

fulfill with useful information

3 - your staff has already your expense record available

your staff has already your expense record available
in conclusion:
you register your expenses through our mobile app, by taking a shot of your receipts and fulfilling with data;
and you can manage and approve all your co-workers' expenses through our Web application

How do I register my work expenses?

Expenses Refund is so easy to use, that you can access whenever you need, even more times a day! Once you take a shot of your receipt, you add some data like: expense type (e.g., travel, lunch, fuel), amount, currency, payment method. Every field can be configured and customized. If you buy also other OWL solutions (as an example, a project manager tool), you can link the expense to a project code.
Then you save your expense and you can maintain it in your device or send it to our cloud platform. By doing so, you can assemble your expenses report day by day, without being forced to report all at the last moment, buried by receipts and invoices.

How do I manage and report my work expenses?

Our web application “Expense Manager” will gather and manage all co-workers' expenses and you can use it to approve, refuse or modify them. you can also filter them and create reports. You can decide to check your expenses on your own and/or to let your staff do it for you.
When you try it, you will find a brief tutorial inside to let you use Expense Refund by OWL at its best!

Use downtime more wisely!
Register quickly your expenses and just empty your mind from it!

Some features in detail


Expense Refund by OWL is based on our online, super-safe, Swiss-located my-Desk platform, granted by daily backup and able to host many OWL solutions, as well as your business solutions.

How much is it?

Try it for free. Then 9.- CHF per month per user.

Try now OWL Expense Refund!
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