Our approach: deliver ad-hoc technology at people service

We design, directly with you, the customized solution that perfectly suits your company and your way to work!

Every company is made first of all by its people and it is crucial not to impose technology, but to put it at people service. Nowadays many vendors offer standardized, often expensive and poorly customizable solutions.And Clients have to struggle to adapt themselves to those solutions. We think that this way to proceed does consider neither the human factor, nor the specific needs of individuals. On the other hand, we prefer to invest in studying and understanding in detail your business and your peculiarities, involving also employees as much as possible. By doing so, we can design with you a digital evolution roadmap to bring to your company to change in a smooth, gradual and “consensus-based” way - That's a critical factor for success in this kind of projects!

Why should you choose OWL Solutions to get your software?

Why our software is different

Interfacce ad hoc

We design ad-hoc interfaces to deliver you very simple and highly usable applications

  • every co-workers can access to its interface with specific features, “tailor made” to its needs
  • our interfaces are very familiar, easy to use, quick to learn, because they are designed relying on the common user experience acquired by people using smartphones or tablet

We design strictly in conjunction with clients

  • we design very quickly the first interfaces you ar going to use, in order to let you appreciate how simple and intuitive can be the solution made for you
  • chawe want firmly to understand your business, in which timeframe of your work-day you will use our interfaces, to implement rapidly what you need nge
  • we will often share with you the work In Progress situation, to let you be always informed about what we are doing and chose the best for you, step by step. You will appreciate quickly the final result because we will plan gradual releases to let you use the first parts of the software very soon

We deliver applications actually modular and integrated

  • the software made for you will consists of several apps (as those you find in your smartphone), to be used via a common browser
  • each app has its own role, so that every co-worker will access only the apps he/she actually need to use
  • each app can be integrated and dialogue via API with other business systems of yours (ERP, invoicing, customer base management)

we help you introducing your new software in a gradual way

  • with our software, you can bring new ways to work that will make you save time and mental effort...
  • ...without influencing the habits of your co-workers, because we want to review your business process gradually...
  • ...by delivering small but important changes, step by step,
  • and taking care both about deadlines, and the benefits you want to reach for you and your co-workers
On any device

it's always available online, through any device, safe and reliable

  • you software will be hosted in our cloud platform resident in Zurich in a data center that already serves the second most important bank in Switzerland: Therefore, it will work for you immediately, without any installation or dedicate hardware
  • you can access it 24 hours a day, using your own username and password
  • it's safe due to frequent backups and anti-intrusion systems
  • it works on any device: you need only a browser! And it can work also on mobile devices, thanks to simple mobile apps, to give you real-time updated informations and to let you be productive everywhere.

It can be personalized to the extreme and at a very affordable price

  • we adopt modern frameworks and technologies that make our solutions ready to be strongly adapted to your needs
  • we use open-source state-of-the-art languages, to be supported by strong worldwide developers communities and face every complex development issue
  • you will our my-Desk platform, that includes many apps already built for our customers, fully tested and ready to be used. But you can ask us to personalize them with a small investment

Framework and technologies daily used by OWL solutions

do you want to “test” us?

please, try for free one of our ready-to-use solutions, to evaluate and decide if we fits your needs, or contact us to tell us what you need or desire

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